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Fundamentals of Business Crisis Management
Fundamentals of Business Crisis Management

What you'll learn
Upon completion of this course, you will be able to approach crisis situations in a calm and confident manner.
You will be equipped with the tools to assess the situation and formulate a plan that will guide the team or company through the crisis situation.
You will also be able to apply techniques learned in this course to remain calm under pressure.

Course Overview:
You'll learn the steps to take before, during and after a crisis, which will help determine your company's outlook once the storm has passed. In addition, you'll learn the tools for anticipating business crises, and processes for developing crisis management capabilities -- particularly, how to develop a crisis management plan.
If you're interested in becoming an accomplished project manager, this training will give you valuable real-life project management techniques. Learn the skills you need to be an effective project manager 

Who this course is for:
Professionals looking to deepen their understanding of human resource and management responsibilities, and how to effectively do them.
Project managers who are looking to keep their project management certification and fulfill their professional development hour requirements.

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