Hungarian Scholarship Offer

Hungarian Scholarship Applicants Offer

When you apply for the Hungarian Scholarship, you will get the below-listed services for FREE!! :

  • IELTS Test ONLY for 175JOD.
  • Free Placement test.
  • Free Counseling with IELTS experts.
  • Free Mock exam.
  • Full information about the Hungarian universities and education system.


Follow these steps to get your IELTS discount:

•Share your applicant ID number after you submit the application with us through:
      - Email :  
      - WhatsApp : 00962777771286
      - Mobile : 00962777771286 - 00962775955558
      -Landline : 0096265546060

• Book your session here.

To Improve your skills in all four parts of the IELTS test, check the below resources from IDP:

IELTS Prepare
IELTS regional webinar series
Computer-delivered IELTS familiarization tests
IELTS Progress Check

Other Training resources from Oval can be found here.


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