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How to Switch to Skills for English (UKVI)


If you’ve been preparing for a SELT test, here are some tips on how to realign to a Skills for English (UKVI) test;

Coursebooks - Any general well-establish ESOL coursebook can be used to prepare for Skills for English (UKVI) - the focus is on everyday life, work and study.

Speaking – Because Skills for English (UKVI) is 100% computer based there is no one to explain or repeat a question. Therefore, it’s important that you listen carefully to the recorded question. Note: there is no working with a partner in Skills for English (UKVI) tests the way there is in many Cambridge Assessment English exams.

Writing – Practice writing within set word counts as well as within time limits.

Reading – You should practice in reading texts of varying lengths and complexity, relevant to each CEFR level. At B2 level and above, you should also practice writing responses and spelling common words correctly.

Listening – Familiarise yourself with listing to short and long monologues, dialogues, and guided interviews, practice your comprehension by writing responses and remember to revise spelling common words correctly.


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