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Country we can deal with

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Types of visa we offered
01. Our Mission
Our mission is to draw on our formal experience to help clients enhance their chances in getting acceptances on their chosen type of visas. Our team serve our customers in all type of visas and clarify all the regulations and requirements of all embassies.
02. Our Vision
03. Our service
What we do?

Oval visa center

At Oval we have over 29 years’ experience of helping and providing support with Country (x) visa applications.

We have helped over (X) applicants in the last (X) years and our visa success rate have reached over 95% We can help you to complete the visa application and apply for visit visa, student visa, work visa, job seeking visa, Family reunification visa, exchange visa or business visa to country (X).

Types of visa we offered:
  • visit visa.
  • student visa
  • work visa
  • business visa
  • job seeking visa
  • Family reunification visa
  • exchange visa

Our Brands

The Oval Office Group is one of the largest education multinationals corporation in the Middle East region was founded in 1991. We are comprised of 7 student services companies:

Visa Types

  • Kikus 1

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