Oval Exhibition and Conferences Center

Exhibition & Conferences

Oval Exhibition and Conferences Center

The Oval Exhibition and Conferences Center manages and hosts international conferences locally and educational exhibitions for partner institutes.
The center is licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education in Jordan and organizes an yearly Education Expo in Amman as well as a Roadshow for our partner universities and institutes. 

Exhibition & Conferences

The Oval Research Center

An International staff of qualified analysts leads the Oval Research Center.

Many have been Educated at European universities, yet hold relevant field experience with extensive travels in the MENA region. Our analysts hold backgrounds in Energy, Security Analysis, Oil and Gas, Environmental Management and Education. The Oval Research Centre is an independent research institute available for clients in the public and private sector. It was founded under the Amman-Sydney brand to expand the forecast analysis activities of our company and provide professional sector-specific assessments for our customers.

Why Choose Us?

The leading philosophy of our services is practical reports specific to each client’s needs that Deliver high-quality analysis without exorbitant costs. While many research firms charge hefty fees for comprehensive analysis, we are able to maintain cost-effective, in-depth analysis through our on -ground presence in Jordan, proximity to MENA markets and access to relevant experts and research sites.

Our Mission
Our mission is to draw on our formal and pragmatic experience to help clients of the public and private sector make the right strategic decisions in the MENA region. Our cultural, professional and field experience will serve our customers in major decision-making processes and aid their understanding of MENA industries.
Our Vision
Our Services

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