United State of America

United State of America

United State of America consist of 50 states and a federal district , the capital is Washington, D.C, it is the fourth largest city by area and it has the first rankings in the scientific research and inventions.

United State of America has a large number of high ranking educational institutions; universities and community colleges and they are either public or private, where some of them are funded by the state government, and they are distinguished by combined a diversity of nationalities from all over the world. The USA educational system has a variety of programs which allow students to choose what they want to specialize in, and it gives them the opportunity to work in the US after graduating.

The climate of the USA varies according to the positioning of states, it is hot in the southwest and warm to hot in the southeast, and there are four seasons in the North-Central/Midwestern/New England, a temperate oceanic climate in Pacific Northwest and a temperate humid climate in the central plains and East Coast.

The tuition fees is different whether you are planning to study at public or private initiations

Estimated tuition fee (per year):

  • Private Institution: $15000 to $40000 per year
  • Public Institution: $10000 to $20000 per year
  • Community College: $8000 to $12000 per year

The living costs in the USA are affordable for international students, they needs to cover about $12000 per year including food, accommodation and clothing.

New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco are the most attracted cities states in the USA for international and domestic tourists who come from all over the world to enjoy the fabulous wonders and to entertain the natural sights, where there are 2,462 of National Historic Landmarks.

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