Why Russia ?

Russia is the largest country on the planet - spanning eleven time zones from West to East - and, with well over 140 million people, the 9th most populous country.

Russia is a highly educated country, with a long academic tradition. Its universities have spawned many great minds, among them a number of notable Nobel Prize winners.


Climate Of course with an area the size of Russia, it is difficult to give any sort of general advice about the climate and weather except that summers are warm to hot, and winters get very cold in some areas. In general, the climate of Russia can be described as highly continental influenced climate with warm to hot dry summers and (very) cold winters with temperatures of -30°C and lower and sometimes heavy snowfall. Sometimes very strong easterly winds

Tuition fees :

As a foreign student studying in Russia, you will find relatively affordable tuition fees. Most of the study programs - regardless of whether you want to get your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Russia - cost likely to be around US$3,900-7,700 a year. Students from certain regions and with an outstanding academic track record might even qualify a for government scholarship, covering the tuition and in some cases also the cost of living

Living Expenses :

A student in Russia needs USD 300 to 400 per month on average. It's better to start with a further USD 300 to 400 for extra expenses like medical insurance, living arrangements in an apartment or dormitory (buying dishes, bed linen, detergents etc.), and to purchase books.

Tourism and Ethnicities:

Tourism is a growing branch of the economy in Russia. According to the World Tourism Organization, Russia occupies one of the leading places in the world in the field of international tourism.

The rich cultural heritage and natural diversity puts Russia on a prominent place in the world among countries with potential of tourism growth.

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