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Arabic Online Courses
Arabic Online Courses

In this course, you will learn spoken Arabic from the very beginning. You will learn the language which is very common in the Arab world and allows a smooth transition to other dialects. For those of you who are familiar with literary Arabic, this is the easiest dialect to learn.

What will you learn in this course?
-         The 28 letters in all their forms, print and handwriting.
-         More than 150 words, with a focus on getting to know one another.
-         Punctuation in Arabic.
-         Basic grammar topics.
-         Handling short texts.
-         Conducting a short introductory conversation, including greetings and cultural codes.

How will you learn?
-         Watch the video presentation for each subject.
-         Practice with our interactive activities from words, to sentences and conversations.
-         Talk to our voice recognition system to perfect your pronunciation.
-         Write – download the course worksheets and practice writing. Writing exercises are accompanied by special video tutorials.

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