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Online General English Courses
Online General English Courses

Our General English and Intensive English courses are designed to help students of all ages make rapid progress with their English.We focus on the four key language skills reading, writing, listening and speaking with work on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Flexible Learning – Group and Individual Classes

Our courses suit many who enjoy the opportunity to learn with others and meet new people whilst improving their English at the same time.
All new students are asked to complete our online placement test or are tested on their first morning in the school so that we can put you in the class at the right level to develop.
Courses are 10 hours per week, 20 hours per week or 30 hours per week* and at times to suit students.

Group Learning

Our classes are small, with a maximum of 15 students. At lower and higher levels, there are often only 6 – 8 students per class.
*Academic hours: each academic hour = 50 minutes class time

Indvidual Learning

We provide individual tuition which can enable a student to make significant progress especially if they are willing to undertake intensive study to support the work in class. This is particularly useful for students who want to pass IELTS or need to learn and improve their English quickly for a specific reason such as professional or academic opportunities.

  • Speaking 

  • - Increase vocabulary and fluency through  practice with your teacher and classmates
  • - Improve pronunciation through use of phonetics.
  • - Feel comfortable to build confidence in speaking in a friendly learning environment


    -  Regular formal listening practice boosts development of this key skill

  • Use techniques to help you get the most from listening to English voices in different contexts.


Grammar and spelling practice are vital to enable our students to write good English especially for those who aim to do on to use English for academic studies or professionally.

Social and Culture Activities 

 Aside from learning English we know that our students like to get to know Oxford. All CCO students can enjoy and learn about English culture and the history and contemporary culture that the city of Oxford offers.
We have a programme of different activities and events according the time of year. This includes organised visits to local places of interest, social gatherings in historic hostelries and restaurants, visits to museums and galleries, music and poetry, theatre, picnics and games in the parks and meadows and much more.





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