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Pre Foundation Programme
Pre Foundation Programme

City Welcome to The Oval Office Group Pre Foundation Programme. Our Pre Foundation programme provides comprehensive knowledge of three pathways business, engineering, sciences and law. The course consists taught over two/three terms, two/three modules per term. During this Pre Foundation you will study GCSE subject to get ready for the University Foundation.  

Aims of the Pre Foundation

The Pre Foundation Programme aims to help students in tow areas,  academic and linguistic:

Academic aims
To provide students with a qualification which enables them 
-To enter a British university to develop students’ academic level to a standard acceptable for entry into a British university
-To expand students’ knowledge and understanding of their chosen field and develop their ability

- To apply this knowledge to a variety of situations

- To train students  to  study  effectively  in  a  British  environment
Linguistic aims

- To improve students’ general English language ability to at least an IELTS band score of 5.5-6.0
- To train students to produce English essays/ assignments of an appropriate formal style and understand academic texts

IELTS Writing: 

-To develop your writing skills for task one and two and how to manage your time 
-To complete your writing tasks on time.

IELTS Reading: 
-To develop your reading skills: scanning, and skimming. 

IELTS Speaking:

- To improve your spoken English your pronunciation and your confidence. 

IELTS Listening:

- To improve your skills in listening and convert sound into words.

Core Programmes
The Pre Foundation Programme contains two core modules taken by all students throughout the whole duration of the course. The total number of hours for the core programme is 12 hours per week.

These modules are:

English for Academic Purposes 
Study Skills 
Specific Routes
The Pre Foundation Programme contains three academic routes:

Pre Foundation in Business/Accounting
Pre Foundation in Law/International relations/Politics
Pre Foundation in Engineering/Science
Each specific route contains six modules in addition to the core programme. Students study either two or three specific-route modules per term.

The total number of hours for the specific route is 12 hours per week.

The specific routes are:

Business/Accounting route

Core Mathematics
Business Studies
Law/International relations/Politics

Core Mathematics
Business Law
British Politics
Engineering/Science route

Core Mathematics
Pure Mathematics
Electricity and Fields

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